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Environmental and Health Impacts from Septic Tanks

A truck with a septic tanks on the highway.

Maintenance is essential whenever you own property in Moncton. Plumbing and sewage are among the most important types of maintenance because you use these systems daily and need to rely on them.

If you have a septic system, you need to familiarize yourself with pumping and other aspects of maintenance.

Read on to learn more about these systems and how to get septic tank pumping in Moncton.

The Importance of Septic Tank Pumping in Moncton

It's best to pre-emptively care for your septic tank rather than deal with backups and other emergencies later.

Hiring professionals for septic services can save you a lot of trouble. These tanks can hold solid material for years if left unchecked. Getting the tank pumped will help you maintain the correct bacteria balance so that solid material can decompose properly.

You'll also greatly reduce the likelihood of the tank overflowing.

Signs You Need Septic Pumping

When you understand how your septic system works, you know it needs routine maintenance to keep it running properly. Pumping the tank can prevent these issues from compounding.

Here are some signs that you need these septic tank services:

You Haven't Gotten the Tank Pumped in a Long Time

Septic tank care requires diligence and consistency. If you don't remember the last time you had it pumped, that probably means it's time again.

Get the tank pumped every 3 to 5 years so that it's clean and operates at its best.

Sludge Is Rising to the Top

Your septic system has an inspection hatch that you can use to check the levels. Professional septic tank maintenance is in order if sludge has accumulated to more than a third of the tank.

Letting more sludge accumulate only further puts your septic system at risk.

You're Hosting a Large Event

If you're expecting a lot of people to come over or stay with you, take the precaution of hiring septic tank pumping professionals first. This uptick in volume can overwork your septic system and create issues.

Getting it pumped in advance will give you a fresh start.

Getting Septic Service in Moncton

Do your research and find professionals that can handle your septic pumping. These professionals understand the parts of your septic system and can offer the service that'll keep it running properly.

From here, put your septic system on a maintenance plan. The contract should include routine pumpings every other year or so.

Septic cleaning costs between $100 and $200 for a 750-gallon tank. The largest septic tanks can cost $660 to $980 to clean.

To determine how much your septic pumping will cost, get estimates from a couple of professionals before hiring.

Take Care of Your Septic Tank

These tips will guide you if you need septic tank pumping in Moncton.

Carter's Septic Tank Service can assist you with pumping and other matters. We have over 60 years of experience offering the best septic service Moncton offers.

Our professionals can specialize in septic tank pumping, grease trap cleaning, portable bathroom rentals, and more. To learn more, contact us on our website or call 506-382-7450.


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