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Clean and Hygienic Handwashing Stations in Moncton


Proper hand hygiene has become imperative in recent times. Having portable handwashing stations is one of the most effective ways of promoting easy hand hygiene for your guests and employees at your outdoor event, job site or construction site. At Carter’s Septic Tank Service and Portable Washrooms, our portable handwashing stations are equipped with hands-free foot pumps to dispense soap, water, and paper towels. Guests can access hand sanitation throughout the day, even in places where there is no immediate availability of water. Our portable handwashing stations are available for rent in Moncton and the surrounding area. For more information, call us today.

Keep Job Sites Safe and Clean

Our handwashing stations are ideal for job sites with no access to running water. They act as a sanitary source of handwashing for safe and hygienic workplace practices. The handwashing stations can be used in conjunction with portable toilet units. A foot pump activates the freshwater, and the used water drains into the water holding tank. Our handwashing station units come with soap, and paper towels. There are hand sanitizers in each portable.

Contact Us

Outdoor events propose a unique set of circumstances for your guests. Carter’s Septic Tank Service and Portable Washrooms offer portable handwashing stations that are useful and appealing. We provide a wide variety of portable sanitation facilities cater to all types of outdoor events in Moncton, including weddings, construction sites and festivals. Contact us today, or fill out our online order form to get a free estimate.  We also provide portable shower rentals and VIP trailers.

Portables Handwashing Station Rental With 50km radius around Moncton

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Hands-Free Hand Washing

Ensure proper personal hygiene for your guests with our fully equipped and hands-free handwashing stations.

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